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Casio AP-550

Casio AP-550


The Celviano AP-550 delivers a traditional acoustic piano experience empowered by Casio’s musical innovation. The AP-550 is much more than a digital piano; It is a thoughtful fusion of design and musical expression which will inspire your best performances for years to come.

Take in the AP-550’s beauty for a moment, open the sliding key cover, and raise the top lid. See your hands reflected on the front panel, and feel the textured keys at your fingertips. Now simply close your eyes and play, and smile as your notes greet your ears, sounding even better than you expected.

  • Smart Hybrid Hammer Action Keys (Celviano Edition) with Spruce construction

  • 26 Tones featuring a new Hamburg grand piano plus a New York variant

  • String & damper resonance, key-off simulation, mechanical sounds

  • Elegant cabinetry with sliding soft-close key cover and moveable top lid

  • Illuminated touch sensor controls that disappear while playing

  • Visual Information Bar displaying metronome beats, key/pedal velocity and more

  • Layer, Split, and Duet Mode capability

  • Four Hall Simulations plus chorus, brilliance, and preset DSP effects

  • Instant RePlayer continuous recorder

  • MIDI & Audio Recorder with USB storage

  • 60-song Music Library with easy learning via the free Casio Music Space app

  • 40-watt, 4-speaker amplification system plus two headphone outputs

  • Class-compliant USB-MIDI plus included WU-BT10 Bluetooth MIDI & Audio Adapter

  • Included height-adjustable padded piano bench

- Available Colors: Black, Brown and White

- Includes power supply, music stand and bench.

- 5 year factory warranty

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